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Human connection is a key factor in company-to-partner; employer-to-employee, and employee-to-customer relationships and business experiences. Organizations with cultures that value employee connection benefit from employees with a cognitive advantage, higher employee engagement, tighter strategic alignment, better quality of decision making and a higher rate of innovation.
Julie Justina Enterprises provides facilitative and interactive training that fit the objectives of our clients with the focus of creating and nurturing human connections. We help organizations encourage and enhance human interactions with employees and teams.
As many organizations return to the office and integrate hybrid workforces, Julie Justina Enterprises will work our clients to identify training needs then design, develop and facilitate training. We accommodate small or large groups at any level in companies and organizations. We offer lexibility and a variety of platforms to extend training.

Training Services  Training Services Include

Small and Large Organizations

The skill and effectiveness as a leader or team member is enhanced through the quality of human interactions. Julie Justina Enterprises will provide training to improve the necessary skills such as effective communications, emotional intelligence, and empathy.
Organizations need teams working together and to achieve business goals. We will develop a custom training program and facilitate team building exercises for your organization to sharpen your employees’ communications and other soft skills necessary for an enhanced workplace.
It is important that while your employees spend a lot of time communicating with a digital machine or device, they not compromise their face-to-face human interaction. As company’s bring back employees to the workplace from prolonged teleworking, many find they have lost the ability or desire to effectively interact with others in-person. Our team will provide solutions to help them shift back to “normal.”

Team Building

We have AMAZING team building strategies to help unite, reunite, or reacquaint your employees and teams. Our customized training can help every echelon; from entry level employees to C-level executives!
We also embrace virtual teams to encourage and enhance tight-knit relationships with on-site teams.

Why Us?

Effective training is never approached as one-size-fits-all. Customization and flexibility is important! We work closely with our clients to brainstorm, understand the targeted employee-base, and elements for procurement. Our goal is to remove as much stress as we can planning and implementation process.

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