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Julie Justina Enterprises, LLC is a minority-woman, service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) founded with commitment to the goal of preserving human interaction within a world of digital transformation. Modern technology has forever changed the landscape of our world. The ability to connect and collaborate globally certainly elevates the quality of our lives. While digital connections are very powerful, the essentials of human interaction – eye contact, personal touch, empathy – remain irreplaceable by technology.
Julie Justina Enterprises promotes preserving human interaction! Many individuals, teams, and organizations struggle with this. We help by providing small and large organizations customized corporate training, team building, corporate and social event management.
We are not a company against technology. We value technology and the value it has in human interaction. However, we deeply believe technology should enhance connections and not replace it.

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Our Vision

As a visionary company, we envision a world where human interaction takes its rightful place as the preferred means of human connection. We believe this is important and should never be taken over by technology.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company, in line with our vision, is to be the benchmark of human interaction pioneering and to continue to provide solutions that will help people build better relationships. We aim to improve real-life human communication and reduce the heavy reliance on media platforms to interact. As humans, we need ourselves in every aspect of life, and when communication has been lost, it becomes impossible to create vital bonds.

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