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Are we at-risk of losing human connection in this digital age?

How underrated is human connection and human interaction in this digital age? We realize digital tools can be valuable when properly managed with genuine and effective human interaction. However, Julie Justina Enterprises believes people must be intentional about maintaining and improving skills needed to comfortably and effectively interact with each other; build or maintain relationships.
Thanks to “digital” connections, we can get so much done without saying a single word to a fellow human. It is too easy. We must pause and ask ourselves — what is the impact to human connections? Are we allowing technology to be the primary and isolated means of interaction with others? If so, this behavior can foster anti-social behavior, loneliness, depression, and other symptoms of disconnection.

We use 4E Focus Components in every approach for building solutions for our clients.





Our 4E Focus

Julie Justina Enterprises is a corporate firm with the aim of helping individuals, teams and organizations (small and large) build real human-to-human connections using strategies based on our 4E Focus Framework: Establishing, Enhancing, Encouraging, and Embracing Human Interaction.

Our Services

Corporate Training

Today’s world is increasingly changing with new technologies, processes, and perspectives emerging every day. It is imperative for organizations to provide employees ongoing training if they intend to survive and thrive in the global economy.

Event Management

One of the main reasons people attend events is for human connection. They desire to establish, enhance, or embrace an intellectual need, excitement, new connections, and many other motivations.

Our services cover the following areas:

Assisting with re-adjusting to face-to-face interactions in the workplace and social environments Training for effective communications, soft skills, critical thinking, and more

 Planning, organizing, and creating small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events

Facilitation of brainstorming sessions, conflict resolution, and team building

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